Gentleman chatting with Shaun Tomson

A gentleman’s chat: ESPN interview with Shaun Tomson

By Jon Coen
ESPN Action Sports

We all have our heroes in surfing. But sometimes surfing in general needs to put its best foot forward to the rest of the world.

That’s where a guy like Shaun Tomson comes in handy. Not only is Tomson a World Champion, environmentalist, an author (“The Surfer’s Code”), a business school graduate, a father, a documentarian (“Bustin’ Down the Door”), a gentleman, a creator of smartphone applications, tube riding pioneer and a motivational speaker, but he’s now designed a surfboard that might be a game changer for a growing demographic.

Most recently, Tomson was the keynote speaker at the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors Inauguration Ceremony and was in Washington D.C., presenting at the Smithsonian Institute last week. I was fortunate enough to speak with Tomson again recently, and we discussed his inspirations, his new board with Channel Islands and the recent addition to his family.

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