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Motivational Leadership Speaker, best-selling author, entrepreneur and former World Surfing Champion Shaun Tomson creates unique, live and interactive conferences that can be experienced by thousands of employees, even while working from home.

In a new and changed world, organizations will all have to change the way they do business and change how their employees interact with one another. Tens of millions of employees have transitioned to working at home, and this ongoing period of physical and psychological disruption presents new issues for organizations which are faced with four fundamental and immediate challenges.

These challenges include:

  • Employee stress caused by anxiety about job security; their own and their families’ safety and wellbeing; being overwhelmed by working in crisis mode on a sustained basis; adjusting to working from home.
  • Employee disengagement from one another and from organizational purpose
  • Potential erosion of productivity
  • Lack of motivation

We believe we can alleviate these issues with our live, virtual keynotes and interactive workshops which will motivate, inspire and educate remote teams and employees to remain engaged with each other, and the organization’s core purpose. These are intentionally designed experiences, built to be instructionally sound, enriched with quality slides and graphics, interactive, and captured in a way to make the audience truly feel connected.

The Code Method Leadership Keynotes

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While I am not a surfer, I found Shaun's explanation of his code imparted lessons that applied to life far beyond the sport. Shaun Tomson is an eloquent, thought-provoking, and entertaining speaker, and our office greatly enjoyed his talk.

Joe Johnson

Our dealers really enjoyed Shaun's presentation. His surfing stories were humorous and very relevant to our business environment. The tone was just right, and the overall message was extremely motivating. I didn't hear anything but positive comments!

Melanie Maddux
General Manager – Marketing

Shaun Tomson shared a powerful message in his keynote and workshop with our Talent Acquisition and Talent, Development & Inclusion teams working remotely across the globe: ‘What is our Code and what is our purpose?

Bill Stott
VP Gilead Sciences,
Vice President, Global