Engage Your Audience with Shaun Tomson: Motivational Keynote Speaker

Hi, I’m Shaun Tomson, World Champion surfer, thought leader, best selling author, mentor and inspirational keynote speaker.

My emotionally resonant presentations aim to inspire and motivate audiences, igniting personal purpose and leaving a lasting positive impact. Below I will outline what makes me a great choice for your event when you’re looking for a motivational keynote speaker.

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Impressive Clientele and Diverse Experience

With a track record of delivering impactful presentations, I have had the honor of speaking to prestigious corporations such as Google, Disney, Cisco, Gap, General Motors, and more.

My expertise extends to various industries, including consumer goods corporations, biotech, science, defense, data and AI.
Also, B2B companies, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits. By seamlessly blending entertainment, information, and motivation, I provide a keynote experience that resonates with diverse audiences.


“Eloquent, thought

General Motors


Erasmus University Rotterdam

“left the 600+
audience speechless.”

PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited



“An Inspiration”



Constructed around 12 personal promises, The Code is an effective tool to create a powerful, positive and purposeful attitude to navigate the uncertainty and turbulence of life.
The power of writing – the power of affirming “I Will” – helps one see beyond today and set a course for a better tomorrow.
The ultimate goal of The Code is to create a wave of positive energy that keeps circling the globe, connecting people through hope and the power of purpose.
When you think and write down your promises they develop great power – our thoughts are transformed from imagination to reality as letters, words and sentences – they are legible, tangible and actionable.

Motivational Speaker
The Code Method

and the power of “I Will”.

The Code Method The Code Book

The Code Method is an academically validated self-development program that inspires, uplifts and connects individuals and teams. It helps activate internal strength to combat despair and emotionally re-engages individuals through the power of purpose.

Built around 12 promises that individuals write and share, The Code is an effective tool to create a powerful, positive and purposeful attitude to navigate the uncertainty and turbulence of life.

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Build a wave of purpose with motivational keynote presentations

Shaun Tomson, a world champion surfer and highly sought-after motivational keynote speaker, delivers keynote presentations that inspire and captivate audiences.

With an impressive client list and international recognition as the world’s #1 speaker on purpose, Shaun brings tremendous value to any event.

Book Shaun today and let his engaging storytelling and profound insights leave a lasting impact on your audience. Choose Shaun Tomson as your motivational keynote speaker and create an unforgettable experience for your attendees.

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Inspiring Keynote Presentations

Every time I deliver my inspiring keynote presentations, I fuse stories of passion and wisdom to connect and ignite the spirit of my audience. From maximizing performance in the surf and in business, my experiences serve as a foundation for my keynote presentations that resonate at a deeply emotional level.

Seeking an impactful, inspiring keynote presentation? My approach promises to captivate and provoke meaningful thought. I’m here to share, uplift, and leave an indelible mark on every listener.

Choose me for keynote presentations that not only inspire but also make a lasting impression. Let’s unite your team by taking them on an exciting and uplifting wave of purpose.

While I am not a surfer, I found Shaun's explanation of his code imparted lessons that applied to life far beyond the sport. Shaun Tomson is an eloquent, thought-provoking, and entertaining speaker, and our office greatly enjoyed his talk.

Joe Johnson

Our dealers really enjoyed Shaun's presentation. His surfing stories were humorous and very relevant to our business environment. The tone was just right, and the overall message was extremely motivating. I didn't hear anything but positive comments!

Melanie Maddux
General Manager – Marketing

Shaun Tomson shared a powerful message in his keynote and workshop with our Talent Acquisition and Talent, Development & Inclusion teams working remotely across the globe: ‘What is our Code and what is our purpose?

Bill Stott
VP Gilead Sciences,
Vice President, Global

The Double Shakka is a simple way for me to give back

One shaka means you are stoked and grateful, two shakas means you are twice as stoked and grateful.

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Shaun has worked with dozens of world-class organizations, universities, and schools to motivate, educate and inspire. If you’re interested in having Shaun speak or provide a motivational keynote presentation at your next corporate or educational event, contact him today. You’ll be glad you did.

Questions about Shaun Tomson’s Keynotes

Shaun Tomson is a world champion surfer, best-selling author, and acclaimed leadership and motivational keynote speaker. Known for his emotionally resonant and inspiring presentations, he combines his surfing experiences with profound life lessons, making him one of the most highly regarded keynote speakers in the industry. Shaun shows all audience members how to create their own “Code” – a 12-line mantra of committed intent to be better, and help others be better too. This simple yet powerful process is a way to build a wave of purpose throughout an organization to improve engagement and performance. Common reactions from program attendees are, “Lifechanging” and “Truly transformational”.

Shaun Tomson is capable of delivering high-impact keynotes at international corporate functions, seminars, forums, live events, exhibitions, conferences, and executive retreats. His diverse client base includes Disney, Google, Cisco, Gilead, PwC, Gap and Patagonia, demonstrating his ability to cater to varied audiences. Shaun’s message and process resonate in many business sectors including technology, data and AI, consumer goods, science, bio-tech, defence, hospitality, heavy industry, automotive, marketing and communications, government, law, accounting and business consulting.

During his presentations, Shaun Tomson engages the audience with authentic, personal stories from his unique surfing and business career. His transformational Code Method, an academically validated self-development program, is a compelling tool he uses to uplift, inspire, and establish a deep emotional connection with his audience and among all attendees. Shaun’s presentation is highly interactive and uses live polling software to elicit immediate opinions and statements from audience members. This process creates positive emotional connectivity through the sharing of enduring common values including hope, purpose, camaraderie, empathy, goodwill, courage, perseverance and resilience.

As a motivational leadership speaker, Shaun Tomson presents a deeply personal life perspective that ignites inspiration and introspection, and activates positive and committed action. His unique perspective as an entrepreneur, world champion surfer, and best-selling author, combined with his acclaimed interactive Code Method, clearly differentiates him from others in the industry.

Shaun Tomson has spoken to many diverse business sectors including technology, data and AI, consumer goods, science, bio-tech, defence, hospitality, heavy industry, automotive, marketing and communications, government, law, accounting and business consulting. His impactful presentations have consistently earned outstanding reviews from clients including Cisco, PwC, GM and Patagonia, reinforcing his reputation as a leadership speaker that can truly make a difference in the lives of audience members.

Shaun Tomson has left a lasting impact at many well-known international gatherings including YPO and Ted conferences. As a testament to his effectiveness as a leadership presenter, he routinely ranks among the top speakers, highlighting his ability to touch lives and inspire change.

A sample recommendation from 2 different YPO conference in Sydney and Brisbane Australia:

“You may be aware that every YPO event is rated by the attendees – Sunday was rated 9.8 for you the speaker which is a great result.”

“We have had amazing feedback! Everyone loved it in fact we are going to submit it for an award!”

As a motivational and inspirational keynote speaker, Shaun Tomson brings a wealth of experience and expertise. Through engaging storytelling and thought-provoking insights, along with the latest science in positive leadership, he aims to inspire and truly connect with audiences, leaving them with a committed sense of motivation, a fresh perspective to apply in their own lives, and the Code, a transformational tool they can take home to use with their family members and colleagues, to define and activate purpose for a better life.

Shaun Tomson is a premier speaker for executive retreats and aims for participants to see beyond today and envision the future by redefining their purpose. His tailor-made Code presentations focus on leadership, resilience, purpose and commitment. When participants write and share their 12-line Codes, they create a wave of emotional engagement throughout the group. This transformational Code Method can be a catalyst for great change. Shaun presented his program and process at a YPO Retreat some years ago. Recently, one of the former participants asked Shaun to speak at a retreat for his new company that had just achieved a billion dollar valuation. He introduced Shaun to his team with these words: “ 7 years ago I met Shaun at an executive retreat and wrote my Code. It is a very powerful envisioning process. The next day I started this company. That is why you are all sitting here today.”

Shaun Tomson customizes his presentations to address the unique challenges faced by businesses. Common problems are stress, anxiety, disconnection, lack of engagement and lack of alignment with organizational purpose. By providing practical strategies and thought-provoking insights, he helps team members fundamentally re-engage with their true purpose which enhances team connectivity, reaffirms corporate culture, creates motivation for innovation, and ignites personal power to overcome challenges, ultimately driving growth and success.

To book Shaun Tomson as a keynote speaker, individuals can reach out to discuss event details and inquire about his availability and fees.

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