Are your leaders actually leading?

As an author, entrepreneur, environmentalist, world champion professional surfer, and leadership keynote speaker on purpose, I have been fortunate to receive some valuable insights and experiences from speaking to some of the world’s leading corporations.

I offer my insights and my unique Code Method as a way to emotionally engage with an audience – offering an experience that inspires, uplifts and re-engages individuals with each other, and with their core purpose. In my 20 years in this business, these are the seven elements that form the common core to success.

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7 Reasons to choose Shaun Tomson as your next Leadership Keynote speaker

Authority on my subject

1: Authority on my subject

Authority comes from personal achievement, life experience and education. I use my surfing experiences as a metaphor to illustrate enduring principles of commitment, perseverance, creativity and connectivity.

My business experience, educational background, best-selling books and philanthropy give me the authority to confidently describe my informed perspective on business and life.

2: Authenticity in my approach

I tell an authentic and true story with a meaningful message – how I got to where I am, the obstacles I had to overcome on the way, what it cost me, what I have learned, and how it can help others.

3: Originality in my message

My story is unique and real – flows like the highs and lows of the ocean and connects to an audience on a spiritual level igniting hope and purpose.

4: Leaving the Gift of Hope and Purpose

The audience will walk away with a tangible tool that can immediately be implemented into their business and personal life. I give away the Code Method – it is open-source code so anyone can use it, in any way they want. At the end of my presentation I ask the audience to share one word that they will be taking home with them. After asking this question to over 250 000 people it never ceases to amaze me that the two most popular words are: hope and purpose – and I feel incredibly grateful to be able to evoke this response.

5: Emotional Engagement

I bring people together, emotionally connecting them through my original and authentic stories. According to Gallup, 79% of team members worldwide are disengaged, so connecting people to each other, and their fundamental purpose, is vital for personal and organizational wellbeing.

In our divided world, with half the nation on one side of the valley, and half on the other side, anything you do to bring people together is good for humanity – and doing good is good for the soul.

6: Interactive and connecting

I involve the audience members in my presentation, highlighting the duality inside organisations – creating a forum for connectivity. I connect with the audience and get audience members to connect with each other too.

Interactive and connecting

7: Enthusiasm in my approach

I’m truly stoked and believe in what I do to the core of my existence. When I’m on that stage, I give it my all and then some more. Looking back on my surfing career, I know that I had given it everything I had – on every wave in every single heat.

Now, in my new career as a leadership keynote speaker, I know that when I walk off that stage, I’ve given it everything I’ve got too. I know I couldn’t give any more, and that’s a deeply satisfying feeling. I am stoked and create a positive wave of enthusiasm in my message that flows across the conference room, the community, and the world.

Shaun Tomson - Leadership Keynote Speaker

Shaun Tomson: Leadership Keynote SpeakerIgnite Passion & Purpose

Your search for an engaging, inspiring, and transformative leadership keynote speaker ends here. Meet Shaun Tomson – World Champion Surfer, Best-Selling Author, Mentor, and an internationally recognized Leadership Keynote Speaker.

My mission as a speaker is to ignite a spark of inspiration in your audience, catalyzing personal growth and promoting a lasting, positive impact. Having captivated over a million individuals worldwide, I have crafted my approach to connecting with audiences on a profound emotional and spiritual level.

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“Eloquent, thought

General Motors


Erasmus University Rotterdam

“left the 600+
audience speechless.”

PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited



“An Inspiration”



Personal Stories Transformed Into Life Lessons

Drawing from a lifetime spent tackling the world’s most daunting waves, my talks intertwine thrilling personal stories with resonant life lessons. This creates a narrative that strikingly mirrors the trials, tribulations, and triumphs in business and personal life.

As a leadership keynote speaker, my presentations delve into key themes of commitment, courage, hope, perseverance, and connectivity.

The Code Method
A Path to Self-empowerment

At the core of my approach is the Code Method, a transformative tool that empowers individuals to realize their potential.

I guide every participant to craft their unique Code – a set of 12 personalized promises that map their journey towards a more fulfilling, purposeful life.

International Recognition
and Clientele

My thought-provoking talks have been celebrated at renowned global platforms, including YPO and TEDx, earning consistent top speaker ratings.

Clients that have benefited from my leadership keynote presentations span from prestigious corporations such as Google and Disney to diverse industries like biotech, defense, and AI.

the Code Method

The Code Method is more than a self-development program; it’s a compass to rediscover internal strength, combat despair, and rekindle emotional engagement through the power of purpose.

Are you ready to inspire your team and create an unforgettable experience for your attendees?

Choose Shaun Tomson as your leadership keynote speaker. Let’s embark on a journey that will leave your audience with an invigorated perspective on work, life, and relationships.

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