Families across the world are all facing stress, anxiety, and despair—negative emotional states and a negative perspective represented by the simple acronym S.A.D. As the world starts closing down or opening up again, we will all be venturing into our own new frontier and these negative emotions will not simply disappear.

How do we reframe our perspective and change our attitude? How do we cut through the confusion of never-ending crisis control and find clarity?

Over the last decade, I have asked hundreds of thousands of people across the world to do a simple fifteen-minute exercise of introspection, visualization, and action.

A way to reframe perspective and change attitude, a simple tool to focus and find clarity of purpose—and perhaps even find a new path.

We live in turbulent times to be sure, and every one of us lives in a challenging sea; our attitude towards those challenges defines who we are and how we live our lives.

I believe our attitude is the light that shines from our souls.
Our attitude about the present defines our future.
Our attitude about the future defines the present.
Our attitude defines how we see the world and how the world sees us.

Our attitude is the power that propels us, and others, on a journey from where we are to where we want to be.

It is a fundamental choice for all of us.
What is our attitude?
Positive or negative?
Optimistic or pessimistic?
Hope or despair?
Light or darkness?
Confusion or clarity?

It is a simple choice. It is a choice to be made by everyone and this choice can change us, change our lives, and change the world.

Here is the way to actualize attitude change—a Code to turn confusion into clarity.

Pick up a pen and a clean lined sheet of paper; give yourself about fifteen minutes to write your Code.
Write twelve lines, each line beginning with I will.

These affirmations, these simple promises, serve as a window into the soul of humanity and represent our ultimate life purpose.

While every line, and every promise, may be unique, the life purpose of people across the world can be represented by two simple statements of absolute commitment, optimism, and positivity:

I will be better.
I will help others be better.

What are your twelve lines to give clarity to your life purpose?

The Code Workshop

The Code Method

  • Find a quiet spot and do the exercise solo, or with your family or colleagues at work.
  • Set aside 15 minutes.
  • Write 12 lines, each beginning with “I will…”
  • If you are with a group, then once all are complete, each person gets up and reads their 12 lines out loud to each other.
  • If you are solo, read it to yourself and feel proud.

These words are poetry of the soul – words of passion, power and purpose.

The Surfer and The Sage

The Surfer and The Sage

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