0% of employees worldwide are disengaged

Inspire Engagement and Ignite the Power of Your Team’s Collective Purpose.

Creating a Code of purpose throughout an organization can reignite a deep sense of personal and collective engagement and build a wave of positivity throughout teams, activating commitment and igniting action with the result being improved performance.

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Shaun’s contribution was amazingly inspirational and captivating

left the 600+ audience speechless. One of the best, if not the best, speech in all the 10 years of the RSM Leadership Summit.

Steef Van De Velde
Dean And Professor Of Operations Management & Technology, Rotterdam School Of Management, Erasmus University

Erasmus University Keynote
Shaun Tomson often misspelt as Shaun Thomson, Shaun Thompson, Sean Thomson, Shawn Thomson

Shaun Tomson | World Champion Surfer, Best Selling Author, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur and Environmentalist

Employee engagement is an indicator of organizational health and wellbeing and can be defined as the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in their work and workplace.

However, disengagement is a fundamental business problem across the world. In a recent 2022 Workplace Study, Gallup estimated that 79% of employees worldwide are disengaged – millions of unhappy employees and thousands of unhealthy organizations.

My fundamental mission it to ignite engagement – to show employees how to become re-engaged with their fundamental purpose, to re-connect with their team members, and to re-align with their organization’s mission.

Leadership Keynotes The Code Method
Shaun Tomson with Richard Branson and Malcom Gladwell

Shaun Tomson with Richard Branson and Malcom Gladwell

Shaun’s Inspiring Code Keynote will help build a team that is engaged.

I have ridden a number of waves in my life – initially as a World Professional Surfing Champion and then as an entrepreneur, mentor, environmentalist and author.

I now love sharing my life experiences as a leadership keynote speaker and I feel gratified to have made a positive impact on audiences around the world. Helping others find a better path through life through engagement has become my life work.

My transformational Code Method of self-empowerment has helped over a million people ignite purpose and it is truly humbling to see individuals in organizations bust down the door of disengagement and take off on a new wave defined by commitment, action and enthusiasm.

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While I am not a surfer, I found Shaun's explanation of his code imparted lessons that applied to life far beyond the sport. Shaun Tomson is an eloquent, thought-provoking, and entertaining speaker, and our office greatly enjoyed his talk.

Joe Johnson

Our dealers really enjoyed Shaun's presentation. His surfing stories were humorous and very relevant to our business environment. The tone was just right, and the overall message was extremely motivating. I didn't hear anything but positive comments!

Melanie Maddux
General Manager – Marketing

Shaun Tomson shared a powerful message in his keynote and workshop with our Talent Acquisition and Talent, Development & Inclusion teams working remotely across the globe: ‘What is our Code and what is our purpose?

Bill Stott
VP Gilead Sciences,
Vice President, Global

Shaun Tomson - World Champion Surfer

Surfing World ChampionShaun Tomson

I surfed in my first competition at the Bay of Plenty, Durban, South Africa, the same spot where I caught my very first ride at 9 years old. That feeling of “stoke” I felt on that first wave has been an enduring constant in my life.

I thought I had a great start to my competitive career by getting third in that first event so many years ago. In my young mind I was an instant success – there were only 3 of us in the heat but I have carried that victory with me – 3rd out of 3 – throughout my life and have come to understand that success in life is a matter of perspective.

I won my first professional event at 17 years old called the Gunston 500, a contest that my father had created a few years earlier that eventually grew into one of South Africa’s most popular sporting events. I won the event and then won it five more times in a row at the same Bay of Plenty where I first leapt to my feet on a board and where I first competed – 3rd out of 3.

I competed on the World Professional Surfing tour for 16 years, winning 19 major pro events including the World Championships in 1977.

I am grateful to have been admitted to the South African, Jewish and American Surfing and Sports Halls of Fame and especially stoked to be called one of the ten greatest surfers of all time and one of the most influential surfers of the century by Surfer Magazine.

Surfing Books & Films Motivational Keynote Speaker

Purpose is a powerful force that fuels the growth and success of both organizations and individuals.

According to a Gallup poll, a significant number of employees in the United States lack a sense of purpose, with two-thirds feeling bored, disconnected, and willing to undermine plans, projects, and colleagues.

Considering the substantial amount of time we spend at work; this disengagement not only impedes business performance but also has a detrimental effect on overall employee well-being.

In light of these findings, my primary mission is to assist team members to find and define their individual and collective purpose through the Code Method.

Creating a Code of purpose throughout an organization can reignite a deep sense of personal and collective engagement and build a wave of positivity throughout teams, activating commitment and igniting action with the result being improved performance.

Beyond the performance metric is the humanistic metric – purpose is a vital component of a flourishing and fulfilled work force.

Leadership Keynotes The Code Method

Purpose-led organizations outperform their counterparts by an impressive 42%.

The Double Shakka is a simple way for me to give back

One shaka means you are stoked and grateful, two shakas means you are twice as stoked and grateful.

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Best Selling Author

I have authored three best-selling books that have resonated with readers worldwide. These books include “Surfer’s Code” ; “The Code: The Power of ‘I Will’”; and “The Surfer and the Sage”. All the books have been embraced by many and have become sources of inspiration for individuals seeking personal growth and fulfillment

I also co-produced and co-wrote the acclaimed documentary film “Bustin’ Down the Door”, a dramatic story of how a group of young South African and Australian surfers created pro surfing in the face of a violent cultural clash. The film was featured in film festivals across the world, winning numerous awards, and has been called one of surfings greatest documentaries

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The Surfer and the Sage

Shaun Tomson - The Code

The Code – The Power of “I will”

Surfer's Code Book

Surfer’s Code