The Warp by Shaun Tomson


Shaun Tomson - Rincon, Santa Barbara, The Warp

Shaun Tomson ripping a winter swell on his signature board, The Warp, co-designed by Shaun and Al Merrick of Channel Island Surfboards.

Shaun Tomson - The Warp by Shaun Tomson - Channel Islands Surfboards

The Warp by Shaun Tomson – Channel Islands Surfboards

Channel Islands team rider and 1977 World Champ Shaun Tomson came to us wanting to design a board more for the young at heart guy who wants a performance board but still wants to get the most out of the average waves they find themselves riding. The result was the Warp. This board features more volume, allowing for easy paddling and wave-catching. Single concave under the front foot allows for punchy drive on takeoffs and double concave to vee provide lift and easy rail-to-rail transitions. The Warp comes standard as a swallow tail. Ride the Warp about the same length as your Flyer.

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