The Light Shines Ahead


An evening with Shaun Tomson, former world surfing champion, author, entrepreneur, film maker and inspirational speaker.

The most important thing in life to Shaun is giving back to the community; sharing the lessons he has learned about life. Surfing has made me a better person. It is a transformative experience and an inspiring ride through life that reveals fundamental lessons on how to stay balanced, overcome challenges and adapt to an ever-changing world.” While the lessons Shaun shares are taken from the world’s oceans, they translate powerfully to everyday life and extraordinary challenges. They reflect the attitude and outlook necessary to not just survive the ups and downs of life, but to master them and emerge a winner.

Shaun has spoken at schools, universities, business organizations, law firms, environmental groups, retailers, sports clubs and veterans organizations. Shaun diverges from the standard sports metaphor of personal success being solely tied to winning. Like surfing a wave, a successful and enriching ride through life is not about crossing a finishing line first; it is all about maintaining a positive, balanced attitude and extending the limits of one’s own personal standards.