Shaun Tomson - shows the influence of positive values on success in life and business and will transform how you think about connecting, communicating and collaborating. Based on his own experiences in and out of the surf Shaun Tomson has inspired and touched the hearts of audiences all over the world. Shaun’s attitude of Commitment and Positivity has inspired corporations like General Motors, Cisco, Price Waterhouse, Toys R Us, Sasol, Disney, Google, Primedia, MTN and Adcock Ingram.Companies, organizations and individuals like Google + Disney + General Motors (GM) + Price Waterhouse + Cisco + Toys ‘R’ Us + Patagonia + SASOL + Micro Finance Corporation + Adcock Ingram call on Shaun Tomson when they need a Keynote and Motivational Speaker. Shaun will motivate and inspire your team with his experiences of overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges through his attitude of Commitment and Positivity.

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