Client Testimonials

Shaun Tomson - Adcok Ingram - Adding Value To Life“Thank you so much for speaking at the opening of our conference. It was superb – everybody has been thanking me for inviting you to speak and commenting on different elements of your talk and the relevance to their personal or work lives.

I sat in on many of the presentations that have been taking place during the past 2 days and have noted that many of the presenters have referred back to various elements of your talk / examples you gave to illustrate a point. For me this means that, as a speaker, as a topic, as a theme for the conference – you were the right choice. So thank you!

Too often you have motivational speakers that are hard, driven and shout from the podium to get the team motivated – the feeling leaves very quickly and you often wonder if they really believe what they are saying. You very seldom have a speaker that calmly shares his life, his passion, his values and his learning in such a way that keeps the audience engaged for a full hour. We had 500 people in the room and Shaun Tomson achieved this. He spoke about very real lessons in life, about the value of loved ones and most importantly about how the decisions we make ultimately affect what happens to us – good and bad. Shaun Tomson connected with every single person in the room and had people talking about and connecting with the 12 laws of surfing in a way that is relevant to them.”

Siobhan OʼSullivan
Business Executive OTC, Adcock Ingram

Shaun Tomson - South African Council of Shopping Centers“I would like to personally thank you for your contribution to our conference of 2,000 attendees – you managed to “bring us home” after our busy and exciting whirlwind week and to ground us and make us see what is important in life and you left the delegates with so much to take with them.

THANK YOU – We have had such wonderful feedback on your talk and we wish you well and much success and happiness for the future.”

Hildegarde Riphagen
SA Council of Shopping Centers

Shaun Tomson - IQ Business Group“First and foremost, thank you. You managed to really provide our guests with real insight and something they could relate to. You brought the conference together wonderfully and guests left on an extremely positive, inspired note. I myself was moved by your presentation and so energized. We have received extremely positive feedback from our guests – you received”

“Excellent” score across the board. Some of the comments:

“Shaun is so genuine and a real inspiration”

“Simply incredible”


“Real, down to earth, open and honest”

“Connected with the audience, with the perfect mix of humor and reality”

“Brilliant story teller”

Leanne Gitlin
IQ Business Group

Shaun Tomson - Primedia Business Unlimited“Seldom can someone bring a true life experience to the fore as Shaun Tomson does. Not only is he a real legend in terms of his proficiencies in the surf but also he is a true human being who has the uncanny ability to take his life’s lessons and articulate them in a way that makes real sense.”

Ken Varejes
CEO, Primedia Unlimited

Shaun Tomson - Roni Deutch Tax Center“Shaun is an amazing keynote speaker!! His energy, passion and ability to relate surfing to the business arena are truly impressive and very motivating. Everyone at my company is stoked and READY TO PADDLE OUT!! Thank you for sprinkling your magic on all of us.”

Roni Deutch
Owner and Founder, Roni Deutch Tax Center

Shaun Tomson - Patagonia“Everyone is SO inspired and thankful!!! We love your book and you! Thank you!”

Malinda Chouinard
Owner and founder, Patagonia Sportswear

Shaun Tomson - Aveng Group“Splendid.”

Brenton Long
MD, Aveng Manufacturing

Shaun Tomson - Inside Edge - Foundation for Education“I’ve been waiting for someone to do this…bring out the spiritual and wisdom edge of surfing in a very accessible format…for a long, long time. Shaun is the right man at the right time and has done a beautiful job. The master of the waves is also a poet of the heart. Biography, sportsmastery, the gifts and problems of modern culture, Shaun’s presentation touches all these bases and resonates with anyone’s personal quests for joy, depth, and meaning. Our audience was filled with people who had never surfed and they joined in a rousing standing ovation, not missing a beat. For sons, families, fathers and learners of all ages.”

Brook Cross
Program Director, Inside Edge

Shaun Tomson - SIMA Surf Industry Manufacturers Association“Shaun’s keynote speech at the annual SIMA Summit in Cabo San Lucas was both inspirational and motivating. His ability to connect with the audience reflects his ‘authenticity’ factor and appeal beyond the world of surfing. The combination of the message and the articulate execution make him a compelling speaker in any venue.”

Dick Baker
President, SIMA (Surf Industry Manufacturers Association)

Shaun Tomson - San Diego State University“It is my distinct pleasure to strongly recommend Shaun Tomson as a guest lecturer at your university. Mr. Tomson recently lectured at my university, and although a few weeks have passed since he spoke here, his presence is still felt in the many discussions my students and colleagues have had about the important and intriguing issues that were raised in his lecture. Virtually every day that I have been on campus, somebody says “Thank you” for arranging the lecture. During his lecture, Mr. Tomson was extraordinarily articulate and his power point presentation was very organized and focused. Indeed, the presentation was so superb he could have given it at any one of the professional meetings of sociologists that I attend each year. Mr. Tomson possesses the rare combination of intellectual command over his material, charisma and approachability. This makes him an ideal guest for your class. I recommend him without any reservations.”

Michael Roberts
Assistant Professor of Sociology, San Diego State University